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Who We Are

International Money Transfer: How Swilpay Stands Out

Swilpay is a Company that offers online banking services to customers, allowing them to create an online bank account that is secure and fast. With Swilpay, customers can access their online bank account from anywhere in the world, at any time, and perform a wide range of banking tasks. One of the key benefits of Swilpay is that it offers a secure and reliable method of banking. Customers can rest assured that their sensitive financial information is safe and protected, thanks to the website's advanced security measures. All data is encrypted and protected by multiple layers of security, ensuring that customers' personal and financial information is kept safe at all times.

Our Values

Swilpay Offers You

Very Low Transaction Fees

Swilpay makes you happy with a very low transaction fees

Advanced Technology Platform for KYC/EDD

Swilpay use the latest KYC/EDD for Security of the coustmer

Access to Transaction Monitoring

Eassy access to monitor the transaction with swilpay


Bank Account Opening facility to run your business with peace of mind

Access to Open Banking.

Competitive Onboarding Fees

Transaction notifications

Guaranteed Non-Third Party Payments

Access to Payment Link.

Account Compliance with industry standards for MSBs.