Everything you need to know about sending money with WSLRemit

WSLRemit is a Fintech institution that offers money transfer services.

It was designed to give customers an easier and seamless way to financial remittances via digital payments.

With an WSLRemit account, you can send and receive money from the United Kingdom to Nigeria and African Countries very soon including but not limited to, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Step 1: Download the WSLRemit app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
Step 2: Open the app, enter your email address, create a password, log in, and complete verification to be able to make transfers.
Step 3: Verify your account using your facial recognition and an approved form of ID. Accounts are verified using Veriff. You are registered once you have successfully completed and passed the verification process.

It takes less than two minutes to register, Once your details are correct and has been confirmed.

You can send and receive money from the United Kingdom to Nigeria and to other African countries very soon including but not limited to Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

We accept payment by open banking payments and faster payment bank transfers. Payment limits may apply depending on your bank and payment method.
We do not accept payment by cash, cheque or any payment method that’s not listed above.

Step 1: Click on Send Money.
Step 2: Enter Amount.
Step 3: Add Beneficiary details.
Step 4: Confirm details.
Step 5: Choose Your Bank.
Step 6: Add a Reference (if necessary).
Step 6: Verify the information and send.
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We will send you email notifications throughout the transfer process: when we receive your funds, when any foreign exchange transaction has occurred, and when we send the funds to your beneficiary.